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EZM-4450 Multifunctional Programmable Timer and Counter

New product

Multifunctional Programmable Timer and Counter with RS 232/485 Serial Communication Unit

EZM-XX50 Series Programmable Timer & Counter can be used in package machines, production and quality control rollers, in cutting and processing machine of glass, plastic, marble, sheet, iron, fabric all measuring and controlling of dimension, count, total count, speed, cycle, time, productivity, and can be adapted easily to all mechanical construction and automation system.

Display and Front Panel
Buttons Set, Reset, direction and enter buttons
Led Indicators S1 (Set1 value), S2 (Set2 value), Q1, O2 (Control or Alarm output) LEDs
Actual Value Display 8 mm Red 6 digits LED display
Set Display 8 mm Green 6 digits LED display
Physical Features 48 mm x 48 mm 116 mm
Protection Class NEMA 4X (IP65 at front, IP20 at rear)
Weight Approximately 0.21 Kg.
Installation Fixed Installation
Electrical Features
Supply Voltage and Power 100-240 V ~ (-15%,+10%) 50/60 Hz. 6 VA
24 V ~ (-15%,+10%) 50/60 Hz. 6 VA
24 Vdc  (-15%,+10%)  6 W
Digital Inputs

Rated Voltage 16Vdc@5mA

Maximum continous permissable voltage 30 Vdc

Logic 1 minimum level 3 Vdc

Logic 0 maximum level 2 Vdc

Sensor Supply Voltage 14 V ± 35% maximum 50 mA (230 V)
  12 V ± 40% maximum 50 mA (115 V)
Maximum Input Frequency For Counter, Total Counter and Batch Counter
  6000 Hz for Pro-01= 0, 1, 2
  4000 Hz for Pro-01= 3, 4
  3500 Hz for Pro-01= 5, 6
  2000 Hz for Pro-01= 7
  For Frequencymeter and tachometer 10 kHz
  30 Hz when Pro-04 does not equal to 000000
Optional Output Modules EM0-400 Relay Output Module (3A@250V)
  EM0-410 SSR Output Module (20mA@18V)
  EM0-420 Digital (Transistor) Output Module (40mA@18V)
Standard Communication Modules EMC-400 RS-232 Communication Module
Optional Communication Module EMC-410 RS-485 Communication Module
Communication Protocol MODBUS-ASCII or RTU
Quality Standarts
Approvals UL Recognized Component  (File No : E 254103),  GOST-R, CE

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