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This confidentiality agreement (hereinafter “we” and “our") contains explanations about the collection and use of your personal information when you visit our website ( We are committed to the privacy and protection of the personal information of each individual we communicate with as business ethics. We act in accordance with privacy and data protection laws when processing your personal data.

Personal Information We Collect on Our Web Site

When you use any interactive contact of our site that requires personal trust, a question is asked by us to answer or you enter your personal details in our alert system, the information about you is stored by our system. This information is related to the subject you want to receive services from us to provide the service you want to receive quality.

How Do We Evaluate Your Personal Information?

Unless there is a legal requirement, we use your personal information only to provide the service you request. For example, when you register with the information service or from our customer service, we use your e-mail address you provided during registration to respond to you. Unless you expressly state otherwise, your contact details are never used for different reasons and reasons.

How We Store Your Personal Information

We undertake that your personal information will be kept safe and confidential and that we will not store it for more than the time required for use.


It is important for us to ensure your privacy and this Cookie Policy (erez Cookie Policy ”) provides the necessary protection by keeping the system and internet infrastructure at the most reliable level in order to protect the privacy of your personal information.

We use a cookie to automatically collect information about your use of the Site during your visits to our Website (the “Site üye) and your member logins. Our aim is to provide convenience to our visitors and members and to investigate how the Site works better for you.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are uploaded to internet browsers (on all Internet-enabled devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets) when internet users visit a website.

Categories of Cookies

• Mandatory cookies
Ensures that the Site works properly and enables users to navigate and enjoy the Site. Mandatory cookies are anonymous.

• Functional cookies
These cookies are used to perform a number of functions of our Site, thus enabling you to have a more qualified experience while using our Site.

• Performance cookies
These cookies; it collects anonymous information about how you use the Site. By combining this information later, it helps us to gain insight into how we can improve the way the Site works.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies or information obtained on your device; It is used to improve the design and usability of our site, to provide a more rapid and more convenient visiting experience for your personal needs, to perform statistical analysis or to take security measures.
Cookies do not collect any information, including any personal data stored on your device.

How do I manage my cookie preferences?

You can clear the stored cookie data until you disable cookies. You will be able to find and check these settings using the “Help” section of your Internet browser. This allows you to delete cookies already on your device and prevent cookies from being saved in most Internet browsers. (Hereinafter referred to as the “Web Site)). To protect the privacy of users and to ensure the highest level of technological infrastructure used in order to ensure the security of various privacy principles are set. Our Cookie Policy is also part of our Privacy Policy. By endorsing the Privacy Policy text on the Website, users have fully understood and accept as an integral whole the following matters from their first visit to the Website, which contain important information regarding the visit and / or use of the Website.

The Website may use online services, interactive applications, e-mail messages and advertisements, cookies and other technologies. These technologies are used to provide you with the highest quality service, to better understand your behavior and to offer our services more easily. Cookies and other technologies remind you of your personal information when you visit the Website. Our goal with this is to provide you with ease of use, to provide you with access to your orders and to offer you a more special service by remembering you and your personal information on your next visit.

It may be possible to place cookies called "cookies" and other similar items in your browser during your stay on the Website. You consent to the use of cookies by continuing to use the Website without changing cookie settings from your browser.

The Website uses Google Analytics cookies to provide better analysis of the user experience by monitoring and reporting traffic to the Website through the use of persistent and session cookies, with the exception of cookies called ”session cookies” and “persistent cookies. De

You can delete or block cookies from your computer at any time. Cookies are used to understand user behavior, to show which parts of our members have visited the Website, and to measure the effectiveness of ads and searches.