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Field Applications

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Integral Elektronik main application fields are;


Power plants, oil refineries, machinery production, factory automation, cement, textile, steel, food industries. At this fields automation processes such temperature, pressure, level, flow, humidity and its control instruments are our profession.





Integral Elektronik has sales facilities for process control and automation products such


Sensors, transmitters, valves, controllers, actuators, regulators, low&medium voltage electrical components and


Also before/after sales techinicial support for instruments and update – replacement of actual system.


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In scope of our experiances we offer reliable and proper solutions for your system necessities with sectoral leader brand partners.


We inspect in detailed the material-system specs, process requirements, control properties and control instruments’ combination each other and offer optimal solutions.


Packaging, filling, food machineries and bakery manufacturers as well factory automation, generator assemlers, green house and egg incubator, hatchery&poultry applications are our application fields.